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webinars in HD with no software or app installation needed!

Easy Steps to Marketing Greatness

Create on-demand webinars, even when you’re not available to stream them live. Build powerful sales funnels so people can buy your products when you’re sleeping. With our powerful technology, you can create live and evergreen [pre-recorded] webinars to build your brand and make money while you sleep!

Tell Your Story

Take the time to write down your talking points so that you can deliver high value to your audience. There are 4 Key points to consider: Who you are, What you’re selling, Why they can’t live without it and How they can get it.

Create Webinars, Live or Automated

Using blockchain technology you can stream your webinar live or you can  create evergreen webinars that are pre-recorded, but feel live, and deliver value forever!

Path to Purchase

Whether you’re using your webinars to promote yourself, running ads on Facebook, Instagram and Google or just relying on organic posts, you’ll need a way to get paid! With our cloud-based platforms you can charge for webinars or you can drive them to product pages in your sales funnels and accept payment there.

Build Stronger Relationships

Whether you’re an internet marketer, high-ticket coach, mentor, sales trainer, how-to specialist or online show host, webinars will help you build stronger relationships.

Use HQ Webinar to show your current clients and prospects how you can help improve their situation with instructional videos and live interviews! 

Fast Simple Sales Funnels

Guide people through a logical path to purchase with xFunnels. Each page has a purpose and that purpose is to bring people one step closer to a purchase.

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Make Money Hosting Webinars

With HQ Webinar you can create and promote your webinar in less than 15 minutes. What’s even better? You can actually get paid for your content right in our webinar platform. Want to add more revenue? Get business to sponsor your show!


We’re 100% confident that you’re going to love our platforms so we’re making you an offer you can’t refuse. If you don’t like the platform for any reason, just email us at within 30 days of purchase and we’ll refund your money.

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